LTL Services

Less than truckload (LTL) refers to when a shipment does not occupy the trailer’s entire length or weight capacity and will not be the only shipment on the trailer.

Unlike FTL, you are not paying for the entire trailer—only the space your require (generally priced by linear feet).

Depending on the location, the rest of your shipment can usually be pieced together fairly quickly in order to move your equipment as fast and affordably as possible.

benefits of LTL

When you don’t have large enough items to fill an entire trailer, it is much more cost efficient to ship LTL as you are only paying for the trailer space you need rather than the full load.

LTL shipping essentially has all the same benefits as FTL shipping: your pickup and drop off locations are still determined by you, you are still entitled to the trailer space you require and you still receive the same friendly service.

LTL shipping makes moving smaller items like parts or vehicles easy and cost friendly. An LTL shipment is still delivered directly to your desired location, and has all the benefits of FTL shipping other than a slightly longer processing time required to complete the load.

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