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Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is when freight is delivered faster than regular transit times. The shipper gets the dedicated equipment to deliver freight on time.

How much does expedited delivery cost?

Naturally, expedited freight may cost more than a regular shipment, as it is considered a special service. Since is an additional service that offers short transit times and dedicated truck, it is not the cheapest way to ship freight.

Depending on the company and your needs, expedited transit times differ. Generally, the delivery takes 2-3 days. Third-party logistics providers can help plan and manage expedited LTL freight shipping.

The “dedicated” truck goes straight from the pickup point to the delivery destination. A solid route not only makes shipments much faster but will also assure freight safety. The fewer touchpoints there are during transit, the fewer are chances of freight damage or theft.

This transportation type is a perfect solution for urgent and last-minute situations. Whenever the deadline is tightening or there is an unpredictable situation that takes place affecting your shipment, picking the urgent shipping option can be a wise decision.

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