FTL Services

Full truckload, commonly referred to as FTL, is a type of shipping mode whereby a truck carries one dedicated shipment.

For shipments that are large enough to fill or nearly fill an entire shipping container, full truckloads work out cheaper.

FTL shipments stay on the same truck the entire time and aren’t transferred during transport, so there is significantly less risk of damage.

  • Much quicker than LTL
  • FTL will fit your needs
  • Less risk of damage

FTL shipments get to the destination sooner, as the truck is making no other pickups or drop-offs along the way.


Cost Efficient

Our dispatchers have been in the trucking industry for many years and have a network full of professional companies and owner-operators that have proven themselves to be safe and reliable time and time again.

FTL shipping makes shipping multiple items fast, easy and cost efficient. When booking a full trailer you are eliminating extra time needed to fill the remainder of the trailer, and creating a direct route between the pickup and drop off points with no added stops.

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